When the time comes to organize your space, do you struggle with:
Attachment...Resistance...Overwhelming anxiety?

By implementing systems that work for you, McOrganize can bring you peace of: Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Let's Get McOrganized


Opening up your space to someone is personal. Whether you need help organizing an office, your home, or any other family space there is always a level of trust you must have in the person you hire.
I like to make sure that every organizing adventure I engage with a client is always built on trust. You have to feel comfortable knowing that when my team arrives to help that you hired a professional.
I like to start every project with a personal consultation so that we can get to know one another.  This way we can both be assured that you’ve called the right person for your unique organizing needs!

What’s Next?

What’s next depends on what you want your story to be.

  • Are you moving?
  • Downsizing from an empty nest?
  • Trying to get that garage finally in order?

By establishing long term goals, we can come up with long term solutions, short term, that will get your journey moving in the right direction.  After we establish your goals during our consultation, we can move forward with regular private sessions that will get your goals off the ground and finally having you clear clutter for clarity!

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